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Edge of the City

2006 - 2020

The Edge of The City is a series of paintings exploring making place from the periphery and learning ways of proximity while denying a certain rooting or grounding. This is achieved by seated figures in an undetermined or abstracted environment; thus, a quality of placelessness remains as the figures' identities are in flux. Working through the repetition of patterns as a means of knowing oneself in relation to others and places, the artwork imagines ways of being that are non-hierarchical. A question the work posits is: How do we make-place without putting down colonizing roots? The use of repeated eyes in pattern-like ways validate seeing as knowing and experience as knowledge from an autotheorocratic perspective. Somber imagery is presented in a whimsical manner as a means to work through feelings of precarity in becoming and being a part of a community in a large city.

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