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What About Me

Feeling and looking with the sensitive eye of an artist, I always see the magic surrounding, between, and emerging from us.

As a wanderer, painter, and illustrator, I draw from my experiences of embodying multiple cultures and languages, having lived in many parts of the world. I use image as a language to create a narrative that transcends the barriers of knowing a specific language or occupying a determined location. Figures float in liminal space where patterns ruminate as a contemplation of place making. My process for image making is intuitive as I build each layer of my images by adapting and reacting to a transforming picture plane. As a migrant this process aptly reflects the ways in which I interact with my surroundings, resiliently finding a home in people. Taking an autotheorocratic approach, repetition and seriality is a means to establish a visual vocabulary between cultures while allowing past, present, and future to exist simultaneously. Betweenness inspires my work as it is an honest position to represent people. I present subjects in flux, encountering hope and despair, confidence and doubt, movement and stillness and innocence. I depict figures as a contemplation of identity in relation to location, my subjects are weightless– moving in a world without gravity.



I am inspired to create paintings for individuals to enter and be together in a magical world where they can be unguarded to subjectively experience and ‘come to know’. Patterns are used to create imagined environments that are whimsical and nonsensical to allow the viewer agency in interpreting what these spaces may look like in reality, decentering authorship to include the viewer in the process of creating the visual language I translate.

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